Current Worship Service

Worship Services

During the pandemic, all  Sunday morning Worship Services are online. Please worship with us at 10:00 am Sunday by clicking below.

Worship with us

Your First Visit

Welcome to our family – Knox United Church! Let’s begin our first exciting trip.

欢迎来到我们的家-Knox United Church!让我们开启第一次教会之旅吧!

Children and Youth

Church School

We are a vibrant and faithful team filled with God’s desire for inclusive love and acceptance of all kids, youth, and anyone who wants to join us for Praise and Worship.  


Music has been an important part of the ministry at Knox from the beginning.

Coffee Hour

As you know, Knox church buildings are closed until further notice. Worship services and in-person meetings have been cancelled.

Chinese Fellowship 中文部

We are a group of Chinese Christians from all corners of the world. At Knox, we are called by God to be one in Jesus Christ to love one another, carry on Chinese culture, and pursue unity in the faith. Join us to learn more about Him through Bible Study, fellowship, and a great variety of activities in the big family!

“我们是一群来自世界各地的华人基督徒。在Konx,上帝呼召我们在基督里成为一体, 彼此相爱,秉承中华传统,追求信念合一。请加入我们,通过圣经学习、团契聚会及这个大家庭中的各种丰富多彩的活动,一起追寻上帝!

联系中文部Contact the Chinese Fellowship

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