Your First Visit 第一次教会之旅

Knox United Church is located at 2569 Midland Ave, north-east corner of Sheppard and Midland.

Our Sunday worship begins at 10:00 am sharp, and it is strongly recommended that you arrive at the church 5-10 minutes before worship starts. If you drive, you can park your car in our parking lot just behind our Church.

You can enter our Sanctuary through the front door or the rear door. Once you enter the Church, our ushers will greet you warmly and hand you our weekly Bulletin before they show you to a seat. You will find the order of service in the Bulletin and you can conveniently worship with our Reverend Bright by following it. The hymns we use during worship are all from Voices United (VU) or More Voices (MV) hymn books which you can easily find at the back of each pew. You will be surprised to notice that we also show the VU and MV hymn numbers used during worship, on the wall beside the chancel. (The chancel is the area at the front of the church where the minister and readers stand, and where the choir sits.)

In addition to the details of the service, the Bulletin also shows the schedule of activities and events for the upcoming week, for your reference.

Following the service, members and guests are invited to the Heritage Room for coffee and to have a pleasant conversation. Enjoy coffee, tea, juice and treats provided by various Knox groups.

Other facilities you may be interested to know about:

  • The defibrillator is located in the south west corner of the Sanctuary.
  • The elevator is located in the north west corner of the Sanctuary. It can be accessed through the Narthex/Lobby.
  • Large print and Chinese Bibles are available from the shelf on the south side of the narthex or from an usher.
  • Hearing aids are available upon request from an usher.
  • The booklet “Our Daily Bread” and other handouts are available on the desk beside the chancel.

We warmly invite you to join us!

Knox United Church位于2569Midland 路,位于Sheppard和Midland路口的东北角。


您可从教堂的前门或后面进入圣所,我们礼拜的地方。当您进入教堂的时候,我们的接待员会热情的欢迎您,并在带领您去座位前给您一份礼拜秩序单。这个秩序单有本次礼拜的流程,跟着介绍就可以很方便地和布赖特牧师一起敬拜。我们在敬拜中使用的赞美诗都来自Voices United (VU)或More Voices (MV),这些都放在每张长凳的后面。你会惊讶地发现,我们还在圣坛旁边的墙上显示了本次敬拜使用的UV和MV页码。(圣坛是教堂前面牧师和读经人站立的地方,也是唱诗班坐的地方。)




  • 心脏除颤器位于圣所的西南角
  • 电梯位于圣所的东北角。可以通过教堂前厅进入电梯。
  • 大字体敬拜用小册子和中文版圣经可从前厅南侧书架上或请询问接待员
  • 助听器可从接待员处领取
  • 圣坛左侧的桌子上还提供有Our Daily Bread 和其他的宣传页


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