Donate to Knox United Church

How to Support Knox

Knox United Church in Agincourt (Scarborough) is active in our community and the world.  Donate to the area you would like to support. 

  1. Knox Ministry General Fund
    Support the Life and Work of Knox United:  staffing, maintenance and congregation, allowing them to continue to be a community presence in Scarborough.
  2. Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada.
    Support the national church to bring healing, justice and hope to people across Canada and around the world.
  3. Benevolent Fund
    Support charitable organizations assisting people in need.
  4. Memorial Fund
    Make a donation in memory of a loved one.
  5. Heritage Fund
    Heritage Fund is an endowment fund that will always be available to supplement future expenses for generations to come.
  6. Cemetery Fund
    The Knox Church Cemetery Fund is used for the care and maintenance of our Heritage Church Cemetery.
  7. Out of the Cold
    Support the homeless and marginalized residents in our community.

How To Donate

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