Chinese Fellowship Activities
Chinese Fellowship

Mandarin Bible Study 普通话圣经研讨

The monthly Mandarin Bible Study on the first Friday evening aims to provide a platform for those who came from mainland China without Biblical backgrounds to explore more basic knowledge of the Bible and Christian history. In a relaxing, home-like atmosphere, attendees could exchange their ideas, insights, questions about the Bible and faith. We strengthened our spiritual connections through the discussions in the Bible Study.


Chinese Festivals

Various Programs 多样的小组活动

The Chinese Fellowship explores various programs to reach out to Chinese communities. More than 30 dancers participate in two dance courses on Wednesday and Thursday evening. The Vocal Exercises, started in September 2019, music lovers practice vocal skills under professional guidance on a biweekly basis. The Badminton and Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) club attracted more players to play on each Saturday. The Chinese Fellowship organizes and manages various year-round activity groups and always welcomes new members to join:

  • The Chinese Dance Group practice on Wednesday night year-round
  • The Line Dance Group practice on Thursday night year-round
  • Badminton practice on Saturday night year-round
  • Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) club play Xiangqi on Saturday night year-round
  • Vocal Exercises Group practices on Saturday night year-round 

Beyond that, the Chinese Fellowship organizes much more fun activities and celebrations in a year. In June, we work together to make ‘Zongzi’, or sticky rice dumplings, for the celebration of “Double Fifth Festival”. In summer, there are various outdoor activities including hiking days, picnics and camping trip. In October, a team of volunteers make more than 500 dumplings to support the Fall-Fair of Knox. On the evening of December 31, the New Year Eve, we cook together to make dumplings and delicious Chinese food before the midnight countdown to the new year. As a big Church family, everyone of Chinese Fellowship cares for each other in daily life. There is always more to discover about the Love of God! We warmly invite you to join us!

中文部探索举办多种活动项目外展至华人社区。有总共超过 30 位舞蹈爱好者参加每周三和周四晚间的舞蹈课。每双周开展的声乐练习组,始办于 2019 年,歌唱爱好者们在专业指导下练习演唱技巧。每周六的羽毛球队及象棋队吸引了更多的队友一起比赛提高。中文部长年组织管理各种活动小组,永远欢迎新成员加入:

  • 中国民族舞,周三晚,全年
  • 排舞练习,周四晚,全年
  • 羽毛球队,周六晚,全年
  • 象棋队,周六晚,全年
  • 声乐练习,周六晚,全年

除此之外,中文部还在一年之中举办其他丰富多彩的集体活动。在六月,我们一起包粽子庆祝传统节日“端午节”;夏天则有很多户外活动,包括登山远足,野餐日,露营队等。十月,志愿小组一起包饺子,提供 500 枚饺子支援 Knox 的秋季义卖会。12月31日元旦前夕,我们一起烹制美味的中餐,倒计时欢迎新年的到来。作为教会大家庭,中文部的每一位成员都在日常生活中互相关怀着彼此。总是能不断地发现上帝之爱!我们诚挚地邀请您加入我们!

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