Standing Committees

Christian Education


Purpose: The Christian Education Committee develops and supports the Christian education of all children and youth within the congregation.

Finance and Administration Committee


Purpose: The Finance and Administration Committee is responsible for the oversight of the finances of the congregation.


Ministry & Personnel


Purpose: The Ministry and Personnel Committee is responsible for personnel matters related to ministerial and other staff.


Pastoral Care


Purpose: The Pastoral Care Committee will provide for the care and support of members of the congregation and ensure that regular contact is maintained with every active member and adherent of the Congregation, with special attention to those who are shut-ins or in hospital.




Purpose: The Stewardship Committee is responsible for the overall stewardship level of the congregation, in terms of the faithful use of both financial and spiritual gifts, including local, regional and national needs.  The Committee will work to ensure that the full financial potential of the congregation is realized and keep in perspective the proportion of money allocated for local needs and contributed for the wider work of the Church through the Mission and Service Fund.




Purpose:  The Communication Committee prepares and publishes communication materials promoting the ministry of Knox United Church.




Purpose: The Memorial Committee will oversee the receipt of memorial gifts and, in conjunction with other Council committees, consider ideas or projects, that are long lasting and enhancements to the Church, and determine which projects are to be pursued.




Purpose: The Outreach Committee will promote awareness of the needs and struggles of people in the community and beyond and enable the Congregation to reach out to those in need, in a caring and supportive way.



Purpose: The Property Committee will be responsible for the use and maintenance of Church property, furnishings and equipment.




Purpose: The Worship Committee, with the Minster of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care and a representative of the Choir will be responsible for the co-ordination of all worship services and the oversight of the use, care and decoration of the Sanctuary.