Where it all started

June 25, 1848

The first worship service and Communion of Knox Church, Scarboro was held on June 25, 1848 in a frame church building.
There were 40 members present at that time.
By 1857, a Sabbath School was started to support the growing congregation, so an addition was erected which doubled the seating capacity.

1857 - 1939

By 1857, a Sabbath School was started to support the growing congregation, so an addition was erected which doubled the seating capacity.
In 1872, a new brick church was built at a cost of $7,000. The church building experienced many changes since 1872.
- In 1893, a ‘pump organ’ was installed.
- In 1903, the floor of the sanctuary was raised so that it slopes about 18 inches from back to front.
- In 1904, an addition was built on the east side where the church offices and nursary
- In 1928, the front of the sanctuary was altered to accommodate a Casavant pipe organ
- In 1939, leaded glass windows were installed.


In 1925, a majority of members voted to join the United Church of Canada. Some members chose to remain as a Presbyterian congregation and built a new Knox Presbyterian Church on Sheppard Avenue, half a block west of Midland Avenue.

1949 - 1998

In 1949, there was a need to enlarge the church facilities to accommodate the growing congregation and provide space for Sunday School. Since the cemetery surrounds the sanctuary building, it was determined that the best solution would be to excavate under the building! Volunteers were organized into five teams for shifts, one for each night of the week. The work began early in 1950 and the new facilities were dedicated in March. Agincourt continued to grow and again in 1957-58, there was need for additional facilities.

The Christian Centre was built to the north of the cemetery and a narthex added at the entrance to the church. The steeple was refurbished and clad with copper in 1982. A major project was completed in our 150th Anniversary Year. The church leaders at that time recognized the need to make the buildings more accessible and so a $320,000 Knox Renewal Project was undertaken between 1996 and 1998 to upgrade the Church building, improve the parking lot, re-shingle the roof and improve the sanctuary windows.

An addition was built on the north side which blends with the existing architecture and brick of the original building. An elevator lift and new stairway provide access to the lower auditorium, the Heritage Room, which was also renovated during the project.

1999 to Present

The members of Knox believe that Knox continues to play an important role in Agincourt community.
We offer
- Sunday worship which offers insightful sermons, excellent music and encourages a caring community
- A growing Church school program
- A Mandarin Chinese Fellowship which offers worship and sports activities
- A music program, including a concert series which offers a variety of music to the community
- Mid-week activities for spiritual growth and fellowship
- And much more …

Our Leadership

For us, Jesus Christ is the definitive leader of our church and as such Knox United Church has chosen a leadership and operational model that is made up of a group of committed volunteer members. We follow a council led form of governance with the council being responsible for the spiritual direction of the church. Council oversees the Life and Work of the Congregation and for this purpose its membership is a collection of leaders from groups or Committees along with lay members.

The Council

The council meets monthly, on the third Wednesday of the month, except for July and August. Members are elected for rotating three year terms with one third being up for re-election annually and may serve on one or more teams.