Morning Glory Bible Studies


Why are imperfect people a part of God's plan?


Why does God use tragedy as a part of his plan?


How do my relationships affect my walk with God?


These are just a sampling of the questions adults have about faith and life. And they're looking to you to help them find the answers.


Morning Glory Bible studies help adults explore these big faith questions, all while helping them grow relationships with each other and with God.


The key to exploring tough questions like these is all about creating a space where adults can engage in healthy dialogue with one another and share their doubts and questions openly, without judgment. This requires placing the focus of your time together on the participants and not on the leader at the front of the room. Fearless Conversation helps you do this.


Discover why imperfect people are a part of God's plan, plus several others. Explore the entire Scope and Sequence to find out what else adults are asking about God and faith.