For us, Jesus Christ is the definitive leader of our church and as such Knox United Church has chosen a leadership and operational model that is made up of a group of committed volunteer members.

We follow a council led form of governance with the council being responsible for the spiritual direction of the church. Council oversees the Life and Work of the Congregation and for this purpose its membership is a collection of leaders, Committees and groups along with lay members.

The Council strives to follow the commitment to love, learn, and live by Christ’s teachings and keep the future of Knox as a vibrant faith community.

Knox Council

The Knox Council is comprised of a group of talented, dedicated people that through their various committees are empowered to make decisions for the greater good of the congregation. The council meets monthly, on the third Wednesday of the month, except for July and August. Council members are elected for rotating three year terms with one third being up for re-election annually and may serve on one or more teams.

  • Council provides direction to the ongoing activities of the church, as well as oversight of the Leadership (Committees) Teams and church staff.
  • Meetings are held under the guidance and leadership of the Lead Minister or (if not available) an Ordained Minister of the United Church of Canada. A Minister must be present, in a non-voting role, at the sitting of each council meeting.
  • Our lead Minister works directly with the congregation to provide spiritual leadership, pastoral care and guidance with the main focus being pointing people to Christ, as a Pastor preaching the Gospel, and praying with the congregants.