Worship Services

Worship and Sacraments

Worship Services take place at 10:00am Sundays and Seasonal (Lent, Easter, Advent and Christmas) services are scheduled on a yearly basis. Our Worship services are held in the Sanctuary.

Knox Chinese Ministry

The Chinese Ministry of Knox United Church aims to provide service to new immigrants and to share Christianity with them. We will uphold the faith of sharing the love of God, continuing our service in the changing Agincourt community, with the vision that we reach more new immigrants, making them feel welcome and wanted.

Sunday Church School

Matthew 19:14 - Jesus, however, said, "Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom from heaven belongs to people like these." International Standard Version.

Each Sunday morning the Church school is the host for the young in the Nursery and for ages 5 and up in a curriculum based on the "One Room Sunday School".