Rev. Linda Petrides

I have returned to Knox UC as the Minister of Visitation. My previous position at Knox was just over 15 years ago from Feb. 1999 – Jan. 2002 as Minister of Church Development and Christian Education. Some of you may remember me from the Thursday night worship program where many of you took part by either telling stories, reading dramatic scripts or playing a musical instrument.
Following my time at Knox, I went back to school to complete my education at Emmanuel College. I was Ordained in June 2002. It was a fun day with a lot of people from Knox in attendance.
I was then settled at Wesley Mimico UC in Etobicoke and later transferred to Cosburn UC in East York in Feb. 2011. I retired in May 2015.
It was a lovely retirement until one particular day. On that day, I was leaving the dog park near my home with my new puppy, Charlie. As I was exiting the park, a woman started a conversation with me. The woman told me all about her dog that had recently passed away. It was a rescue dog and a special needs dog that had to be lifted in and out of the van. The woman was obviously still grief stricken over her dog. After a heartfelt conversation, I headed home. All I could think about all the way home was that I really missed talking to people and being involved in their lives. The feeling was quite intense and I couldn’t shake it off. When I got home there was a telephone message from Knox, saying that a position was available at the church for visiting with people and would I like to come and apply. The timing of this phone call was impossible to ignore.
I am delighted to be at Knox once again. As some of you know, I live in East York and have two adult daughters, Michelle and Christine. Christine was Confirmed at Knox during my prior time here. I am a qualified Supervisor for Student Ministers and I play the clarinet in several bands and orchestras.
It has already been a joy catching up with old acquaintances and meeting with new people. I would like to thank the Pastoral Care Committee and Rev. Rob Selby for making me feel welcome.
I look forward to my time here together with you.

Rev. Linda