Summer Sermon Series: Summer Sermon Series:  Sad Songs with a Joyful, Hopeful Twist We continue our focus on ‘Summer Songs’ during the summer months, from the collection of Songs of Faith, the Psalms as shared in the Hebrew scriptures. This summer we have been looking at ‘Songs of Sadness’, psalms known as ‘Lament Psalms’. In the Lament Psalms the psalmist marches boldly to the throne of God and in loud lament, cries out the pain that lives in her soul. “Oddly enough” according to Walter Brueggemann, “when the need, the hurt, the demand, the venom are fully voiced something unexpected happens in the psalm. The speaker is at the end, confident of being heard and dealt with bountifully. The poem accomplishes something, the speaker is, at the end of the poem in a very different place!”  So too are we!