Pastoral Care Ministry


One of the greatest rewards of belonging to our community of faith is the care given freely to each other and our neighbors. There is great comfort in knowing that someone will be there for support in hard times and to cheer you on in good times.


Our Mission

The Knox Pastoral Care Team is committed to continue with a warm, friendly, approach to offering care and support to both its established members and the community at large. The Pastoral Care Team focuses primarily on caring for others in need and in times of grief.


Dealing with Grief

Part of the care of our congregation includes dealing with grief. We all have our ups and downs in life. Losses may be large or small; however, the grief is still as painful. It may be the loss of a family member, friend, a home, a pet, or a driver’s license. Our Pastoral Care Team is mentored by our pastors. The Pastoral Care Team strive to continue the work as a caring community, supporting with best of our abilities, as we go through pain, loss, anxiety, triumphs, joys and victories.



When faith journey begins, getting to know and feel comfortable with existing Knox members is a must. An open invitation to join in the fellowship is done during Coffee Hour after worship where visitors can get familiar with the members of Knox. The well being of our community is our concern – Keep us Informed. We would like know if you are Hospital or home-bound, celebrating a milestone or even a new born. Let us know how we can help.