Pastoral Care Committee

Purpose: The Pastoral Care Committee will provide for the care and support of members of the congregation and ensure that regular contact is maintained with every active member and adherent of the Congregation, with special attention to those who are shut-ins or in hospital.

Membership: As required.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • appoint a Roll Clerk who will maintain an accurate and up-to-date roll of resident and non-resident members of the Church and a record of adherents;
  • assign and up-date Visiting Elders’ districts;
  • facilitate at least two (2) meetings of Visiting Elders with the Minister(s) and representatives of the Pastoral Care Committee to discuss the roles and activities of the Visiting Elders;
  • ensure that Visiting Elders’ reports are submitted for review by the Minister(s);
  • co-ordinate transportation for seniors and others to Sunday Worship and other events;
  • plan and coordinate Special Communion Service(s) for shut-ins in cooperation with the Worship Committee;
  • arrange for visits to shut-ins;
  • arrange monthly worship services at the Shepherd Terrace and Shepherd Lodge;
  • send cards to the ill, bereaved and others needing comfort as well as thank you cards
  • arrange for the social time, including refreshments, after the Sunday Worship Service and arrange for different Church Committees and Groups to take responsibility for the Sunday coffee hour each month
  • arrange for delivery of Easter and Christmas flowers to shut-ins, in co-operation with the Worship Committee;
  • prepare and distribute communication materials and welcome packages for new members, in conjunction with the Communications Committee