Outreach Committee


Purpose: The Outreach Committee will promote awareness of the needs and struggles of people in the community and beyond and enable the Congregation to reach out to those in need, in a caring and supportive way.

Membership:  As required including the Mission & Service Fund Treasurer.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • co-ordinate contributions from the congregation for local, regional and national outreach projects, such as the Minister’s Benevolent Fund, Agincourt Community Services Association, and other organizations as determined by the Committee;
  • develop and present Mission and Service educational programs;
  • co-ordinate special financial and other appeals, such as White Gift and ACSA food appeals;


Mission & Service Fund Treasurer

The Outreach Committee shall ensure that the Church Council appoints a separate Treasurer of the Mission and Service Fund for the pastoral charge that will have responsibilities as outlined in The Manual. The M&S Treasurer will be a member of the Outreach Committee.


Nearly New Shop Group

The Outreach Committee will liaise with the Nearly New Shop Group and report periodically to the Church Council on the Nearly New Shop activities.