Christian Education Committee


Purpose: The Christian Education Committee will develop and support the Christian education of all children and youth within the congregation.

Membership: As required including a representative of the Church School teachers. Staff support will be provided by the Coordinator of Christian Education.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Manual describes the requirements for a Christian Education Committee, including:

  • provide a Church School and Nursery;
  • meet with teachers at least once each year;
  • recruit teachers and leaders;
  • sponsor teacher training events;
  • review, evaluate and select Church School curriculum;
  • keep a record of children in the Congregation;
  • arrange for a covenanting service for Church School teachers and others working with children, in co-operation with the Worship Committee;
  • facilitate confirmation classes with the Minister(s);
  • sponsor fellowship programs, such as the Advent and Lenten events;
  • care of audio-visual material and equipment.