About Us

Knox United Church, Agincourt is one of the many Congregations that is part of the United Church of Canada, called by God to be a part of the Body of Christ in this community. We have been offering hospitality and hope in our neighbourhood of Scarborough-Agincourt since 1848.

“Diverse in culture and United in Faith” best describes the multicultural mix at Knox United Church in Agincourt. Our congregation and membership consists of individuals with ancestral heritage from many places including Europe, Asia, South Asia and the Caribean. We are young, old, married, in relationships or single.

Men and women in our congregation served with honour and distinction both near and far including both world wars, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice in battle. They are commemorated on plaques displayed in our sanctuary. Our annual Remembrance Day Service celebrates and commemorates their service and sacrifice

Knox United Church played a key role in the founding of the widely-respected social agency, the Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA), showing God’s love by giving a hand up to community members living in challenging social and economic circumstances. ACSA has grown to be an independent agency but continues to receive program and financial support from our Outreach Ministry..